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Spotlight: Jason Brubaker Creator of reMIND and Making Comics Website

Written By: Domenic Defina November 28, 2011 Creator Spotlight, Featured, Resources, Spotlight
Spotlight: Jason Brubaker Creator of reMIND and Making Comics Website

It’s been a while since we have done a creator or comic spotlight here at Septagon Studios. We have all been busy for some time now working on projects both inside and outside of comics. For the longest time we have been wanting to do a spotlight on Jason Brubaker, the creator of reMIND graphic novel and Making Comics website

So we have decided to just drop everything for a bit and write this post because it is a long time overdue and he is one of the most inspiring, creative and helpful comic creators we have ever come across online. We have learned a lot from Jason and although we have never crossed paths, he has helped us and probably many other comic creators immensely with all the amazing content on his website.

Seriously, if you are involved in any aspect of creating comics and your are trying to make things happen whether it’s creating your first webcomic, or printing a graphic novel or trying to figure out what are the best marketing strategies to get your comic noticed, Jason has already been there and he has written honest in-depth articles about almost every area of making comics.

In this blog post we will be telling you a little bit about who Jason is and we will be spotlighting some of his projects and our favorite articles on Jason’s website.

Who is Jason Brubaker? Here is a little snippet about who Jason is in his own words:

Jason Brubaker works at Dreamworks Animation in Visual Development, currently on Kung Fu Panda 2. At night, he puts on his cape and doubles as an independent graphic novelist and self-publisher. Okay, enough of this third person crap. I’ve worked professionally as an artist and animator on commercials and films since 1996. You can see some of my film credits at IMDB.

What is reMIND and what is it about? reMind is a webcomic which later got turned into a self-published graphic novel. This is a beautiful book, it makes for a great collectors item or Christmas present. The actual book is like a piece of Art with dream like illustrations and hardcover binding with a limited edition print run. Years of work have gone into this project and it’s amazing to see how far it has come. We can’t recommend this book enough, it is really something worth having in your hands and in your collection.

Here is a short synopsis of reMIND taken from the reMIND Amazon page:

All Sonja wanted was to find her missing cat, Victuals, but when he washes up on the shore of her sleepy coastal town several days later with a head full of stitches and the startling ability to speak and no memory of how he got that way her quiet life is forever changed. Together they set out to solve the mystery of his disappearance, embarking on a journey that leads to a strange kingdom under the waves and into the heart of a royal power struggle, where the answer to Victual s true identity could save or doom them all!

What is the reMIND website all about? The reMIND website is a place where Jason documents his whole process, experiences and everything he has gone through during the creation process of reMIND. He discusses, in honest fine detail, everything he has learned about the comic world and self-publishing.

Here are some process images of Jason’s work:

Read the full article Jason wrote on how to color a comic here:

Jason has also started a new website called Making Comics which will be dedicated towards the advancement of the comic communities around the world, in print, digital and online. This website will also feature other contributors sharing their knowledge and experiences in comic creation.

Over the next 5 days we will be posting our 5 favorite, articles from the reMIND website on the Work In Comics Facebook page. If you are a comic creator looking for answers and you are just trying to get your dream project off the ground we highly recommend that you visit or and simply just DIG IN! Jason Brubaker is offering a buffet of comic creating knowledge and you are bound to learn something within the first few minutes.

Our 5 favorite Jason Brubaker Articles in no particular order:

1. Before you start YOUR graphic novel…

2. (to be posted on Work In Comics Facebook page November 29, 2011)

3. (to be posted on Work In Comics Facebook page November 30, 2011)

4. (to be posted on Work In Comics Facebook page December 1, 2011)

5. (to be posted on Work In Comics Facebook page December 2, 2011)

If you are a comic fan and collector, check out the reMIND webcomic and graphic novel. reMIND is one of those stories that as you keep on reading it, your connection to the story grows deeper and deeper. If you decide to pick up a reMIND graphic novel for your collection, I promise you it will be one of those prized books that will stay with you forever.

Be sure to check out Jason’s Websites and Projects here:

reMIND webcomic

reMIND graphic novel

We just want to say Thanks to Jason for all the inspirational and helpful articles you have posted over the years. We wish you the best of luck with your future projects.

About the author

Domenic Defina wrote 42 articles on this blog.

Domenic Defina is the Art/Marketing Consultant and co-founder of Septagon Studios Inc. (est. 2003) and Work In Comics (est. 2009). He has a background in the Fine Arts with an avid interest in contemporary comic art, writing, publishing and everything digital comics. He is a regular contributor to both the Septagon Studios Comic blog and the Work In Comics blog.


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